Fincons for ITAS: system APIfication in insurance

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The API-led approach followed to improve the native integration with proprietary and third-party solutions

The challenge

ITAS, a leading Italian insurance company, has been working on updating its solution architecture and applications to improve integration with proprietary and third-party solutions.
ITAS’ main objectives were to:
• develop a new business model based on native integration;
• enable integration between legacy systems with both internal and third-party applications;
• approach the insurance market from a different angle.

ITAS called on Fincons Group, a long-term partner with key experience in system integration in the insurance sector, to help them achieve their objectives.

The solution

Fincons adopted an API-led approach enabled by the switch to Mule 4 to increase API reusability. This approach is based on building a catalog of system APIs, designed to interact with back-end systems. These are simple “building block” APIs and are designed so that they can be reused to form: more complex process APIs that are typically built to perform a specific task, and experience APIs, that interact with individual touchpoints and require a significant reuse of system and process APIs.

“building block” APIs

The benefits

More than 1.800 APIs have been built to date: 1.051 relative to liability, 216 to claims, 41 to life, 120 to portals and 389 to cross-processes.

As a result of the adoption of the API catalog, ITAS has been able to add the following features to its platform:

  • a policies browser to view up-to-date policy details;
  • quick quotation for certain enabled products;
  • portfolio consolidation;
  • a policies list to view and updated list of life / liability insurance policies active for each customer;
  • third party integrations with companies’ systems (other insurance companies, postal services and telecoms).