Fincons & Pirelli: a business-critical services partnership

Alongside Pirelli- leading manufacturer of Premium tyres


A long-term partnership for control and evolution of IT systems

Enabled by our made in Italy “near shore” centre for excellence in Bari

  • The Pirelli taskforce has tripled since 2013
  • In 2013 38 applications were managed but today this has reached 126

Pirelli is a global player present in over 160 countries, with 21 tyre production sites in four continents and around 300,000 employees. Their IT system is therefore a critical tool for business development, and it was soon clear we were the ideal partners.

Pirelli selected us for planning, maintenance, integration and IT system evolution- previously delivered by different players in a fragmented way. The benefits in terms of efficiency and IT service quality have been significant.

By simplifying the outsourcing process, Pirelli only had to deal with a single reference point with vertical skills in different application areas, all perfectly integrated, with scalability available on request, the opportunity to offshore skills and job rotate.

Identifying an Italian company that could offer a near-shore service via the Delivery Centre in Bari, a centre of excellence for our Group, with cultural affinity and logistic closeness, was also an important advantage for Pirelli.

The Bari Delivery Centre offers Application Management and System Building services and employs 600 highly qualified professionals with skills covering a range of technologies, platforms and products. It is one of our company’s strongest offerings.

It is a unique service in IT as it enables faster and more experienced response to customer needs. In addition to this, high retention levels and limited staff-turnover guarantee stability to the client and teams.

Our partnership with Pirelli has taken a more and more strategic role over the years and in 2015 we won the Supplier Award – an important prize the company awards to reliable and high-quality suppliers.

The only Italian company to be awarded a prize among the partners and specifically the only IT company

Chosen among 12,000 suppliers for our innovation, quality, level of service and sustainability of products and services.