Implementation of a new claims application

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Fincons' digital transformation project for Aviva replaced existing legacy claims systems with the Guidewire suite.

The challenge

Aviva, a leading international insurance company, had started a digital transformation project to replace existing legacy systems with the Guidewire suite.

The company needed the support of a reliable partner with proven insurance sector and Guidewire suite experience for system integration and the development of a new claims management application.

Aviva selected Fincons on the basis of prior positive cooperation on the implementation of fast data architecture and of their solid and competitive proposal.

The solution

Fincons rapidly took charge of the project, taking over from the previous supplier without disruptions, and organized a remote work team capable of interfacing effectively with both the Client and the Guidewire team engaged in the project.

Activities were managed on the basis of two macro releases, release 4 saw Fincons involved in taking on the company's business and IT requirements as well as development activities, working proactively with the other parties.

In release 5, however, Fincons took charge of the end-to-end management of the project from functional analysis to development and testing in Agile methodology, demonstrating competence and professionalism.

The team also effectively managed the design complexities of the Guidewire software upgrade and the parallel migration of the claims application from on-premises to cloud, meeting all the set project timelines.

The benefits

Aviva has shown full satisfaction with Fincons in terms of financial competitiveness of the proposal, proven experience in the insurance sector, strong technical skills on the Guidewire suite, flexibility in the implementation of requirements, quality of the software released and compliance with shared work schedules.

This successful project has won Fincons credit as the ideal system integrator to work on implementation, management and evolution projects for Guidewire applications.

It has been a valuable experience further consolidating the relationship between Aviva and Fincons and strengthening the partnership with Guidewire that promoted Fincons to Consulting Select Partner following this initiative.