JAGGAER ONE to innovate Dr. Oetker eProcurement processes

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JAGGAER ONE and Fincons simplify and optimize Dr. Oetker’s procurement processes, contributing to greater operational efficiency and cost savings.

The challenge

Dr. Oetker, international leader in food manufacturing, wanted to digitalize the international procurement processes by replacing legacy software with JAGGAER's source-to-pay suite, implementing a standard platform that could guarantee a high level of transparency and future scalability. Therefore, Dr. Oetker, Jaggaer and Fincons have faced together this new challenge, replacing the solution quickly, ensuring full integration with SAP and meeting the expectations of the management and project team.

The solutions

JAGGAER ONE is the comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and optimise procurement processes; these are its key features:

  • seamless integration with the existing SAP systems;
  • evaluation of several scenarios to make informed decisions;
  • functional comprehensiveness and intuitive user interface to meet business needs and ensure future scalability.

With JAGGAER ONE it is possible to streamline and optimise procurement processes supporting Dr. Oetker digitalisation path. With its integration with SAP, it provides comprehensive scenario analyses, and offers an all-encompassing suite with an intuitive user interface.

JAGGAER ONE is a complete solution that helps Dr. Oetker accelerate the digitalisation of its international procurement processes and achieve greater operational and strategic benefits.

The benefits

The implementation of JAGGAER ONE enabled the simplification and optimisation of procurement processes, contributing to greater operational efficiency and cost savings. The solution's ability to provide comprehensive scenario analyses will also facilitate more informed decisions about procurement strategies. The all-encompassing suite solution, with an intuitive user interface, ensuring a high level of transparency in the purchasing process. Data entered into the eProcurement system is definitely consistent with data in the SAP system, avoiding data duplication and errors while ensuring the accuracy of the information provided.