A roadmap for SKY’s digital presence

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We have been by Sky’s side throughout a lengthy partnership that was initially established to renew their value-add services offer (such as Sky Go) for historical satellite clients. The second phase entailed opening up to a new digital audience with new features and services such as Sky Online, today known as Now TV. Immediately after this, between 2012-16 there was an evolution of Sky products such as Sky On Demand that, although still reliant on a set-top box, goes hybrid as it receives internet as well as a satellite connection offering endless video on-demand library potential..


A roadmap for SKY’s digital presence

1. SKY DE: a winning example of client partnership according to Gartner Group

Sky Go, the new multi-screen solution offered by Pay TV Sky DE, is an OTT service providing satellite subscribers with content (VoD and linear) over “new media” platforms: the web, tablet computers and smartphones. Sky Go enables Sky subscribers to access content via a second set-top box, PC or mobile device and includes both on-demand services for cinema and sport content as well as “live” services for the direct distribution of sporting events.  Much more than just integration and software developments skills were required: our deep understanding of the television market was key to enabling new business models and viewing models. The project was a co-investment, cited by Gartner as a best-practice example of valuable partnership: the new Sky Go platform on the web was designed to be an “open” structure to support future growth in digital service distribution.

2. SKY GO: Experience Sky on your device anytime, anywhere

Thanks to the solid partnership with Sky Deutschland formed, developing Sky Go, Sky Italia also selected us to develop the “PC Anywhere” project to enable viewing of Sky Go via desktop. The services provided were: web interface development; compatibility with major operating systems for PC (Windows) and Mac (QS X); integration of video systems with web applications and user interface adaptation to user-profile. In addition to this we designed the integration with the NDS back end player – a leading software solutions provider for pay-tv for the management of content protection (DRM – Digital Rights Management).

3. SKY ON DEMAND: a video library for subscribers 

Offering subscribers a video library of films, Tv series, documentaries, kids’ shows, sport and entertainment without scheduling limitations: this is the innovative idea behind Sky On Demand. To develop and launch this new technologically advanced and content-rich service, Sky Italia once again formed a successful partnership with Fincons. Our team worked with Sky Italia on all project phases from analysis and end-to-end design of the solution to the implementation of the Content Management System (CMS) with its legacy systems through to presenting the service to the market.

The solution developed has added significant value to Sky’s offering to its subscribers: Sky On Demand in fact enables viewers to access a personal video library of over 1200 multimedia items via an internet connected set-top box. The content can be explored and managed independently based on user preference.


An OTT service that is not connected to satellite subscriptions providing content on-demand on smartphones, tablet computers and the web. Fincons contributed to developing the web client, iOS and content management systems.


Sky Online (today called Now TV) is a service designed for prospects without satellite access for on-demand content and linear channel streaming. The service was opened up to clients on Web, iOS and Android tablet computer, PlayStation 3 and 4, Connected TV Samsung, XBox One and XBox 360 platforms..


A non-subscription-based OTT platform that enables the paid for viewing of content on-demand and live, over different devices over PC, smartphone, tablet, connected TV, gaming consoles). Fincons was involved in developing the iOS, Android and Web Apps, the content management system and integrating layers with legacy systems.


Enables on-demand viewing of content over satellite STBs that are broadband connected. Fincons provides management of authentication and authorisation through the OTT middleware produced for Sky Go/Ticket..


Enables Sky satellite subscribers to view content for children on-demand. Fincons helped develop the iOS and Android clients.

9. Sky Spain is entirely digital

We were selected on the basis of our experience by Sky for the launch of its streaming services in Spain, the first nation where Sky has an exclusively digital presence. The service enables a flexible viewing experience that is tailored to the user and offers a selection of Spanish pay-tv channels, TV series and films on-demand. All that is required for access is an internet connection and a monthly subscription. Users are able to connect on three screens at the same time raging from mobile (via the iOS and Android apps), desktop and TVs connected to Sky’s streaming box. The software developed is based on the Now TV model and in particular on the e-commerce platform and Content Management Systems implemented by Sky Italia for Now TV (formerly, Sky Online) which were taken and repurposed to match Spanish broadcaster requirements. We developed the e-commerce component “verticalizing” the open-source software Magento (a market leader) and adapting it to the technical requirements of offering an advanced OTT service. The CMS system was developed to cover the entire content lifecycle from designing the package of editorial services and products right through to their presentation and viewing via multichannel catalogues.

10. SKY Q

This service enables on-demand viewing of content over broadband connected satellite STBs, smartphones, tablet computers and e PCs. Fincons helped implement the content management system and to prepare content.