Management and evolution of core insurance applications

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The challenge

Verti, the smart and dynamic digital insurance company, was looking for a reliable partner for its Italian branch, to support their IT Department with maintaining and evolving applications such as billing, claims, policy and client portal.

The Company was interested in starting a solid partnership with a Provider that had hard skills on the Guidewire platform, a solid expertise in the insurance market, and a great track record for carrying out articulated projects on time, on budget and at a high-quality level.

The solution

Taking into consideration the previous successful collaboration with Fincons during the launch of a new home insurance product based on the Guidewire platforms, where Fincons proved their ability to deliver on time and at a high-quality standard, Verti decided to make Fincons its sole provider for this new mandate, leveraging their established role as leading system integrator in the Insurance Market.

Fincons took charge of the application maintenance service in only two months, without issues, as part of a multi-year agreement, setting up a dedicated team with more than 20 highly skilled professionals able to take the lead in delivering user requirements and to address the needs outlined by the company. Fincons took an end-to-end approach, both on front end and back end, acting as single-entry point for the Client, managing not only single applications but also their interactions in order to meet client expectations.

The benefits

Thanks to Fincons, Verti decreased their AMS costs while significantly improving the quality of their developments, as proven by a structural reduction of the average number of issue tickets opened by business users, even after major, complex new releases.

The proven value added by Fincons has increased the trust between the parties. Fincons is no longer a simple provider but a partner, involved in technical assessment to support Verti in designing their digital transformation initiatives.

We are extremely happy and impressed with how Fincons’ team approached the collaboration. They have been focused on our needs, proactive and punctual, and their experience in business consultancy and system integration have been invaluable.

Farhad Sabzevari,
CIO at Verti