Management of IT Governance and Collaboration tools

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The challenge

Banca Mediolanum was looking for a Partner to entrust with application management and evolution services for IT Governance and Collaboration.

In IT Governance, Mediolanum needed to monitor the tools used for project management activities end-to-end, including progress, cost controlling and report preparation.

In Collaboration, the Bank was looking for a supplier to entrust with the maintenance and the evolution of its intranet portal as well as of the workflows integrated into back-office applications for processing customer-related tasks.

The solution

Fincons took charge of the AMS service by structuring a remote team that, taking over from an existing provider, was able to manage applications autonomously in just 7 weeks without generating any disservice to users.

The team also took charge of the following across different application software systems:

  • monitoring of service availability;
  • bug analysis;
  • application restoration;
  • software updates to counter security vulnerabilities.

Furthermore, interventions such as the rationalization of ticket management processes and reporting improvements so that task updates can be shared more effectively with the Management, have been planned to increase service quality levels.

This has led the Bank to improve control of the applications now manned by Fincons, in full compliance with the service level agreement.

The benefits

Fincons provided the Client with a qualitatively superior service level at lower costs than those incurred in the past.

The improvement in levels of control of the systems managed, and their related maintenance interventions, have allowed the Bank to focus on the evolution of applications through the launch of an action plan to carry out technological and functional upgrades for the IT Governance platform, bringing a series of advantages in terms of usability, performance and reduction of malfunction risks.

A virtuous path of innovation that strengthens the consolidated partnership between Fincons and Mediolanum can now be extended to other application areas by leveraging a similar approach.