Marketing Automation for digital banking

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Fincons project to integrate Oracle's marketing automation solutions into Banca Mediolanum's home banking channel

The challenge

Banca Mediolanum, a leading Italian banking group, wanted to integrate Oracle's marketing automation solutions within its home and mobile banking channels. This would allow the Marketing Department to publish information and promotional content within the widgets present in different sections of the web portal and mobile apps independently and offering a better user experience.

The Bank therefore turned to Fincons for their technical and functional expertise on digital channels, entrusting them with the integration of the application components required to manage and optimize the delivery process for customer marketing content.

The solution

The project led by Fincons concerned the integration of three Oracle components with the Bank's direct channels:

  • Eloqua for the setting and delivery of structured marketing actions, guided by segmentation logic and customer profiling;
  • Maxymiser for publishing information and promotional content within widgets in the Bank's internet banking portals;
  • Infinity for timely monitoring of customer behavior in reaction to commercial activity, to be taken into account when setting up future campaigns.

The implementation led to the creation of a dynamic showcase within the home banking portal that the Marketing Department can manage with absolute flexibility to convey specific real-time messages to its customer base. The latter now benefit from a user experience more closely tailored to their needs.

The solution also allows the simultaneous execution of several commercial campaigns targeted to different customer segments.

The benefits

Fincons' proven experience and expertise in system integration made it possible to successfully complete the project, providing the bank with a modern, complete and high-performance marketing automation tool.

The initiative resulted in a significantly improved delivery process for campaigns over digital channels by providing Marketing with all the tools to autonomously issue custom commercial content and respond to business needs in a timely manner.

Thanks to this, the Marketing Department can now independently manage campaigns that are published in real time on the basis of the promotional needs of the moment, without involving the IT Department that no longer needs to perform interventions to allow front-end content viewing.