New demands, new solutions: Mediaset Play

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Mediaset Play is proof of what we can deliver: full commitment to sharing new business needs, deep understanding of the market as required to identify best-of-breed solutions plus the skill to understand what is missing, design and develop a solution that enables processes and new business models.

Designed on the global leading Comcast Technology Solution (CTS) OVP platform, a Fincons’ strategic partner, Mediaset Play is an OTT solution that heralds a new age for broadcast and advertising because, in addition to enabling PC, tablet computer and smartphone viewing as required by an AVOD (Advertising Video On Demand) business model. It also integrates television space with the web on connected televisions. This enables interaction with both content and advertising allowing viewers to, for example, proceed from advert to booking.

Mediaset Play had an incredibly successful launch during the FIFA World Cup: for the first time in history Mediaset broadcast all 64 matches live and free-to-air, recording a total of 297 million viewers, 49 million more (19.7%) than the previous edition aired by RAI and Sky Italy.

The matches were watched 35 million times online and over mobile devices. Digital content for Russia 2018 was viewed by an estimated 20 million unique users and the official Mediaset FIFA 2018 World app recorded 600,00 downloads.

New demands, new solutions: Mediaset Play