Poste Italiane from back end to front end: a partnership across all value areas

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The ability to innovate suggesting custom solutions and providing a timely response to project issues across different areas: these are the reasons that Poste Italiane selected us to be their partners in the consolidation and development of their core business.

We supported Poste Italiane in their Integrated Postal Service Logistics developing high value-add IT projects that integrate efficiently with other national company systems.

Our unique skills in integrating market products and developing ad hoc software solutions matched Poste Italiane’s requirements for process rationalisation and implementation of high-complexity application systems.

We have been providing support across all key supply chain activities for the main postal services company in Italy since 2017. Our support ranges from strategic consultancy to analysis of operative system architecture development, maintenance and implementation of applications through to specialised vertical skills in logistics processes management.

We provide various applications for Logistics management, including Seguimi, that enables agile and immediate personalised delivery services and the new online booking system (Nuovo Sistema di Prenotazione Online -NPSO), that manages bookings of different types from different channels.

In the back end we manage Poste Italiane’s assets: processes within post offices, monitoring of worker activities and vehicle movements, the functioning of BancoPosta’s process layout (customer data, cash flow, transactions and operation, documents issued by Poste Italiane). In the front end, on the other hand, we take care of maintaining and implementing the PostePay and BancoPosta apps and web portals.

The best technologies up to big data

From a technological point of view, we employ a range of Microsoft, Open (such as Java), Cloud (es. Microsoft Azure), Big Data (such as Kafka or Hortonworks), iOS and Android platforms. In addition to our proven ability to deploy market innovation for this client, we chose to invest our expertise to keep Poste Italiane ahead of the times and drive it towards Big Data innovation.

This is the starting point that led to the development of the back end of the Major Client Portal: a project that was cited in Poste Italiane’s business plan as the first ever Big Data project.


We have developed an Integrated Notification System on Oracle and Microsoft components that manages the delivery of judicial documents via registered mail to simplify the notification process of administrative and judicial documents.

The Integrated Notification System was designed to manage and monitor more efficiently all phases of notification of administrative sanctions such as highway code violations, taxes and payment injunctions.

The tool is connected online to registry office databases and local database and is integrated with other logistics systems (printers, e-post etc.).