S4volution: Shaping the future with SAP S/4HANA Migration

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The seamless migration to the more advanced S/4 HANA platform ensures a frictionless evolution and maximes operational system efficiency. 

The challenge

Swegon, a leader in indoor climate solutions and HVAC systems, intended to pursue digital transformation in the Italian headquarters located in Cantarana di Cona (Venice area) by switching to SAP S/4HANA. The goal was to increase operational efficiency, retrain processes, and improve decision-making.

This consisted in migrating data and functions to leverage S/4HANA's advanced capabilities: real-time analytics, automation and agility in meeting evolving market demand with the goal of improving the company's resilience, competitiveness, and innovation.

The solution

Swegon entrusted Fincons with the execution of this challenging project. Following all SAP best practices, a comprehensive assessment was carried out on both the system infrastructure and on the functionality of the original SAP ECC system. This diligent evaluation facilitated the seamless migration of the system to the more advanced S/4 HANA platform, ensuring a frictionless evolution and maximizing operational system efficiency.

Fincons successfully implemented a custom code review to ensure compliance with the new HANA database and data model. This review guarantees that the existing custom code aligns seamlessly with the requirements of the new technology landscape, enabling optimal performance and compatibility. This proactive approach underscores the commitment to maintain a robust and future-ready system architecture.

In addition, incorporating the Fiori Launchpad, users can efficiently navigate through tasks, reports and applications with ease, enhancing user productivity and engagement within the SAP ecosystem.

The benefits

Thanks to the project, it has been possible to achieve the following goals:

  • Improved Performance with S/4HANA in-memory database;
  • Advanced Analytics: S/4HANA supports real-time advanced analytics and reporting;
  • Simplified Processes: S/4HANA includes business process simplification;
  • Enhanced User Experience with the Fiori user interface;
  • Improved Inventory Management: S/4HANA introduces a more dynamic and real-time approach to inventory management, optimizing planning and inventory control;
  • Technological Innovations: S/4HANA leverages the latest technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things;
  • Enhanced Integration: S/4HANA promotes integration with other SAP and non-SAP solutions.

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