SBB and Fincons: a long-term partnership for the future of mobility

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For over twenty years we have been strategic partners of the Swiss Federal Rail Services (SBB)- the main travel and transport player in Switzerland with over 30,000 employees transporting over 1.26 million people and 210,000 tons of goods.

This is a long-term partnership to increase safety in the transport sector and improve the quality of infrastructure and passenger services.

We have been supporting SBB since 1996 in software development and in the production of rail technology with our end-to-end offering covering Passengers, Cargo and Infrastructure.



We are not just a technology provider. We are a reliable and flexible partner that provides SBB with technological skills, deep understanding of the transport sector, highly qualified resources (Extended workbench) and entire work groups (Managed capacity) with skills in various areas.

Over the last few years we have become a strategic partner for SBB.

The TUSP project, one of the main ones developed for FFS SBB, perfectly represents our working model: the ability to identify best-of-breed solutions on the market combined with quality services delivered in near-shore by the Bari Delivery Center that delivers Application Management and System Building  services to clients globally.

TUSP is an end-to-end innovative product that we presented at InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin, the prestigious international trade fair devoted to transport technology.

A work team supports the client in Bern, leveraging Delivery Centre expertise and skills through a tried-and-tested working system.

TUSP’s main objective is that of ensuring safety for the rail network maintenance team providing rail personnel real time monitoring and digitalisation of documents relating to activities carried out. It is a complex process because planning starts a few weeks earlier and communication flow is fundamental.

The process now carried out by TUSP used to be manual and was based on telephone conversations and Excel tables: today it is carried out via an application developed using advanced technology and regularly integrating new iOS and Web features and advanced back-end Cloud solutions that ensure stability and scalability.

We developed TUSP optimising and re-coding an existing tool’s processes while greatly improving UX Design. The main challenge was that of transforming the existing tool into a perfectly functioning application that was approved by end users. Operationally, the application is for mechanical maintenance teams working on the field and uses iOS technology for the front end and Cloud technology for the back end.