Smart-Shoring for Application Management Services

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The challenge

For Cerved Credit Management, a Company specialized in the management of credit portfolios, having a reliable and high-performing phone collection application is a priority.

The company therefore required a solution to:

  • implement an operating model that would make the supplier responsible for the efficient provision of the application management service;
  • ensure flexibility to evolve the application over time;
  • promptly monitor the levels of service provided.

The solution

To meet the needs of the Customer, Fincons proposed the Smart-Shore model.

Smart Shoring is an ideal approach to carry out maintenance and application evolution cost-effectively and flexibly through hybrid mode delivery, involving both remote resources at the Italian Fincons offices, and professionals working on the customer's premises, thus ensuring constant interaction.

This is a distinctive and innovative proposal, that guarantees quality and reliability thanks to the skills of Fincons’ resources, combining them with solid monitoring of the application's performance and high reactivity in the execution of corrective and evolutionary measures.

The benefits

The transition to the Smart-Shore model was managed in a short time and without impacting application users.

More than a year after the activation of the Smart-Shore model, the quality of service has increased, as demonstrated by compliance with the agreed SLAs.
The management costs of the service have also decreased by more than 20%

says Jacopo Villa, Business Technology Lead of the BU Cerved Credit Management, who strongly believed in the value of this transformation.

The reactivity and flexibility demonstrated in the execution of intervention requests to evolve the application according to user requirements were particularly appreciated.

This project was an absolute success, in which Cerved Credit Management's innovative mindset met Fincons’ valuable Smart-Shore offer.