SMART SIM Web Application

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The flexible and scalable micro-services-based solution to manage the whole process related to the handling and shipment by sea of oil products

The challenge

ISAB's refining, gasification and electricity cogeneration plants, part of the petrochemical area of Priolo Gargallo (Sicily), make it one of the largest players in Europe.
In order to re-design the applications supporting its core business processes using innovative technologies, ISAB needed a reliable partner with proven skills within the Oil&Gas sector and extensive experience in complex project implementation.

The solution

In view of the successful collaboration already in place with Fincons, which has been providing IT consulting services to ISAB since 2009, and has proven to be a reliable partner to design, implement and maintain its Information Technology systems and applications to enable business competitive advantages over the years, ISAB decided to award Fincons this
additional project too.
A new cutting-edge solution, Smart SIM, was designed to manage the whole process related to the handling and shipment by sea of oil products. This is the breakthrough that industry required. Scheduling of shipments, calculation and management of excise taxes, fiscal communications with the customs agency, stock calculations and periodic balance of oil products and VAT warehouse management are the main processes managed by the new solution.

The benefits

Thanks to the new Web Application, ISAB decreased their AMS costs while significantly improving system quality and increasing productivity. A flexible and scalable micro-services-based solution, it is designed to easily support the continuous evolution and integration of the software with other systems.
Responsive web design that adapts the application's display depending on the device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) has reduced design, development and maintenance costs and significantly improved the experience of ISAB users using the application. This is an innovative and modern application to effectively support ISAB's development plans.

4/5 User Experience Score
+30% Increased speed in the completement of operations
-20% Requests for user assistance