Taking the lead: Fincons for Mediaset’s ScheduALL

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Fincons has become a point of reference for the maintenance of ScheduALL, also developing a tailored, free-standing web-based solution: ScheduWEB. 

The challenge

ScheduALL has been Mediaset’s scheduling and process management solution for over 15 years. Fincons has been involved in the development in this solution from the start, initially tasked with providing and managing reports and then in the integration of ScheduALL and SAP.

In 2021 Mediaset decided to entrust Fincons with the complete management of ScheduALL, specifically to:

  • enable the communication process between Mediaset ScheduALL and suppliers’ scheduling and process management solution;
  • centralise ScheduALL in the management of physical connections in order to be able to broadcast;
  • become system integrator on all ScheduALL evolutions;
  • lay the foundations for future developments.

The solution

When it comes to reporting, Fincons developed a tailored, free-standing web-based solution: ScheduWEB, that automatically analyses data flows to deliver custom reports.

In addition to delivering detailed reports on workorders, Fincons supported Mediaset in managing the solution, its extensions and all workorders, as well as in customizing ScheduALL to meet the company’s needs and integrating and fully leveraging a new API framework.

Among many projects, Fincons has launched a new communication process between the Mediaset ScheduALL and the ScheduALL solution of one of its suppliers for the management of requests for external connections.

In addition, Fincons completely managed the integration layer between ScheduALL and Evertz IRM, a solution to broadcast content, finalizing the automatic flow from the ScheduALL’s connection request to IRM to the confirmation response, involving physical resources in the connection and ensuring the complete monitoring of the entire workflow.

The benefits

Thanks to its proven track record and reliability, Fincons has become a point of reference for tha maintenance and the evolution of ScheduALL.

Mediaset’s solution is now tailored to meet broadcasters’ needs and challenges, and is perfectly integrated with the company’s other solutions, thus optimizing processes and resources. The additional integration between ScheduWEB and SAP has also enabled the invoicing system to become faster, while minimizing any risk of mistakes or omissions when transferring data from one solution to another.

Regarding the application management service, Fincons has formed a dedicated team, available 24/7, to minimize any risk of service interruption and make sure all TV programmes and Ads air as scheduled.