The innovative multitenant digital platform to provide securely streamed content

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The challenge

In 2019 Filmbankmedia, a joint venture between Warner Bros, Sony and NT digital Partners started to look at new ways of providing licensed content, in order to:

  • Enhance viewer experience;
  • Increase licensing control;
  • Enable new services:
    - DRM-protected Web Instance;
    - Offline Client streaming;
    - Hybrid events;
    - Remote screening through Virtual Screening Rooms.

Filmbankmedia decided to partner with Fincons Group because of their key experience in OTT platform development, their innovative approach, and their willingness to go the extra mile.

The solution

Fincons supported Filmbankmedia in the development of Filmbankconnect, a first-of-its-kind, highly flexible multi-tenant OTT platform based on a revolutionary new business model for this market that provides management of different content catalogues dedicated to different clients thus also enabling a B2B2C model.

This solution is characterized by a complete separation between back-end systems and the front end. Content is made available on different client platforms through the back-end, while the front-end platform remains entirely independent and customizable to suit each client’s needs. It also provides protected screening with easily reskinned desktop and mobile layouts, making it quickly available to different customers on their own branded platforms.

The platform also implements encrypting software that tracks how often the content is viewed and where, meaning that content can be available through partners without losing licensing control and ensuring full transparency.

The benefits

The innovative solution delivered by Fincons provides unprecedented UX, better viewer tracking and improved rights protection, while opening new markets and laying the ground for a much wider projects of digital transformation.

Working with Fincons was a very positive experience as we found them to be very focused on our needs. This truly pioneering project led us much further than we could have imagined, ending up being a game changer for our business!

Rob Streeten
Director Product Development