Univision ATSC 3.0 Broadcast App

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The challenge

Univision, the leading Spanish-language media and content company in the U.S., was looking for a flexible and user-friendly Broadcast App (BA) to:

  • enable personalization of viewer experience and additional choice and content over both broadband-connected and linear TV;
  • continue to serve their audience and build retention among key viewer demographics;
  • enable multi-device viewing and browsing experiences;
  • maximize user engagement and advertising opportunities

The solution

Fincons’ App is one of the first to leverage ATSC 3.0 technology and innovative integrations to provide viewers with dynamic content both via Broadband and Broadcast connection. It enables entirely unprecedented functions for OTA TV such as the delivery of additional information, access to QR-coded external content and dynamic local weather forecasts.
The weather section specifically enables two levels of navigation, depending on the TV connection. For OTT viewers, the App also provides access to on-demand local news clips. The App is exceptionally flexible, as it can be deployed across multiple channels with new branding elements and provides user-friendly editorial control so that content can be managed dynamically from the CMS system without the need for third party intervention or additional integrations.

The benefits

The dual application for both broadband-connected and broadcast TV, supported by the ATSC 3.0 standard, is revolutionary and ushers in a complete reimagining of viewer experience.
Univision can now provide viewers with additional personalization, as well as local and hyper-local content that really speaks to their interests, continuing to build loyalty and retention among viewers, maximizing user engagement and advertising opportunities.

The App provides the integration between linear TV and users being able to personalize the content they want to see.

Gregory Coburn Director of NextGen TV, Univision