Fincons Academy

We care about your talent!

One of the main drivers of our growth is the quality of our human resources.

This is why we never stop nurturing them.

Our focus on training is supported by various initiatives. One of these is the Fincons Group Academy, the historic business school originally founded to promote synergy between education, research, job market and the territory.

The Academy offers free training to graduates and diploma holders in economics and business, engineering, science and IT with the objective of introducing them into the company.

The Academy operates in Italy in partnership with different industry leaders, and is now about to start an international expansion involving the Group’s foreign offices.

The courses are structured in two distinct parts: the first provides a specialised theoretical background delivered by trainers with extensive experience in IT and business management processes, the second part is on-the-job training with direct client contact.

Placement within the company is close to 100%

Student testimonials prove Fincons Group Academy’s success. Take a look at the Academy section of our Blog to discover their experience.

Fincons Group Academy

Taking part in the Academy was a critical part of my professional growth. After my internship as a Software Developer at the Delivery Centre, I was hired by the company and have been working for an important Swiss client.

I joined the Academy in 2010 when I was still an undergraduate and at the end of the course I immediately got hired. I have grown so much in all these years within the Group; today I am a Senior Microsoft.NET Developer.

The Academy was a turning point in my professional life: I was hired at the end of my internship working on a project for Fincons.US and became responsible for various SAP and business intelligence projects while continuing to develop my skills on the field thanks to the regular training that Fincons provides it employees.