Partner management, problem solved for Utilities


We have long supported utilities and wanted to devote ourselves to improving what in the utility management model has become a key issue: dealing with various clusters of partners, both in terms of sales agents, networks and other types of intermediaries as well as- on the operations side- management outsourcing, technicians and mechanical maintenance technicians.

A team of data scientists and other experts worked for almost ten months in our laboratories to define a solution that could be directly configured by manager, significantly reducing incentive proposal configuration times as well as operational costs.

AMPPER is the disruptive solution that slashes development and operational costs for incentivisation systems. It represent an entirely new approach that does not rely on system integration but a system of algorithms that the client is able to set independently reducing time and costs to introduce new incentivisation and engagement programmes.

From admin support to strategic asset

Our solution for business partner performance evaluation

Flexible, fast to configure, easily adapted to the requirements of different processes. Equipped with core components that enable the measurement, calculation and management of performance results of clusters of partners, our solution was developed to support the complex commission plans typically used by utilities.

Ongoing supply contracts for goods and services (electricity, gas and VAS) require very complex partner incentive schemes, ways of tracking the client throughout their lifecycle rewarding virtuous behaviour (such as an increase in consumption or purchase of VAS) and penalising events that cause problems (such as late payments) while guaranteeing credit and balance adjustments that are synchronised with such events.

Ease and speed of configuration of incentivisation rules by management as well as upstream integration with SFA (Sales Force Automation) systems, CRM, billing and credit and downstream with accounting and partners enables complete control of the integrated process ensuring that activation times are reduced. The solution includes the management of social security and taxation issues as required by Italian laws for different exclusive sales contracts.