Multichannel interaction with clients and consumers in the lead.

The insurance sector needs to identify new interaction strategies that match modern consumer behaviour and preferences. Choosing a multichannel and digital interaction approach is critical to achieving efficiency, but also to retaining customers. Given the increasing role of online shopping, it is clear that digital channels play a critical role in offering sales channels and direct clients intelligent solutions via user-friendly, intuitive and appealing interfaces.

This is especially important when it comes to mobile applications which are increasingly used by consumers for direct purchasing but are also becoming a key part of the sales networks’ strategies. Insurers should therefore focus on developing mobile applications and optimised websites to enable a better response to client expectations; consumers today are in fact using applications to purchase various categories of goods and services. At the same time these solutions enable insurers to offer a series of additional customer care services such as reminders close to deadlines, support for specific requirements or requests for assistance.

Many consumers forward requests to companies, gather information and decide whether to make a purchase or not via Chatbots, making it important to master Artificial Intelligence to support conversational interactions.

Social media are another strategic digital touchpoint and their evolution enables analysis of consumer behaviour. A more direct conversation within the Messenger tool can also be used to start a chat that redirects to the website or for highly sophisticated interactions.

Chatbot and AI

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, agile interaction between the back and the front end: insurers need innovation to help them respond to new client expectations.

Users want to be able to take out policies on the go or to obtain tailored advice on-demand by accessing a single point of sale for different contracts. But most of all, they want to receive offers that match their individual needs. In order to satisfy these requirements, it is critical that the different “core” back end systems (typically life, property damage and personal injury) are able to communicate with each other and that the client has full access, wherever they are.


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Putting the client at the heart of digitalisation

Process automation, lean management of claims, social collaboration and Big Data to design tailor-made offers, but also better performing back end systems that are accessible on-the-go so that strategic information can be shared in real-time with the whole intermediary network.

These are just a few of the challenges facing the insurance sector that we can and want to help with by proposing tried and tested solutions.

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