Your partner for smart manufacturing

Being smart makes the difference.

The future of manufacturing is smart, digital and connected: these are the objectives to pursue to restore efficiency and impetus to the manufacturing industry. Smart Manufacturing requires a redesign of resources and industrial processes leveraging technology like the Internet of Things and Big Data, while at the same time investing in the potential of innovation like Cloud Manufacturing and Advanced Human Machine Interfaces (developed by the Smart Manufacturing Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic University’s School of Management). Production, logistics, maintenance, quality, security and compliance.

Greater quality and productivity for the industrial value chain with smart manufacturing.


We support clients in this sector as they evolve their core and business critical processes, assisting them in the various stages of this process and investing in research and innovation, thus accompanying businesses towards 4.0 objectives in manufacturing and services.

Tech for planet

We contribute to the sustainable development of the Apulia Region territory in partnership with Bari Polytechnic University investing in research and development of innovative IoT solutions for sustainable manufacturing via the Fincons Smart Manufacturing Platform.