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Being smart makes the difference.

The future of manufacturing is smart, digital and connected: these are the objectives to pursue to restore efficiency and impetus to the manufacturing industry. Smart Manufacturing requires a redesign of resources and industrial processes leveraging technology like the Internet of Things and Big Data, while at the same time investing in the potential of innovation like Cloud Manufacturing and Advanced Human Machine Interfaces (developed by the Smart Manufacturing Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic University’s School of Management). Production, logistics, maintenance, quality, security and compliance.

Greater quality and productivity for the industrial value chain with smart manufacturing.


We support clients in this sector as they evolve their core and business critical processes, assisting them in the various stages of this process and investing in research and innovation, thus accompanying businesses towards 4.0 objectives in manufacturing and services.

Tech for planet

We contribute to the sustainable development of the Apulia Region territory in partnership with Bari Polytechnic University investing in research and development of innovative IoT solutions for sustainable manufacturing via the Fincons Smart Manufacturing Platform.


Jaggaer is the largest spend management solutions company globally. Jaggaer provides end-to-end SaaS technology e-Procurement solutions for advanced spend analysis, complex sourcing, supplier management, contract life-cycle management, monitoring of assets and “intelligent” workflow features. Fincons is a Jaggaer Service Partner in the implementation and integration of e-Procurement and Spend Analysis platforms.


Qlik is a leading BI and analytics business. Qlik delivers intuitive platform solutions for self-service data visualization, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting. Companies use Qlik solutions to visualize and explore information, generate insight and make better decisions. Fincons Group is partner and reseller for the implementation of the QlikView Business Discovery platform. 


Salesforce is a leading cloud computing company whose solutions allow companies to connect with their customers in a completely new way and to collect information by integrating sales, customer service, marketing, community, analytical data, l'IoT and cloud applications. Fincons Group is Salesforce Consulting Partner for the implementation of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. 


SAP is a European multinational organisation producing management software. It is one the major ERP and IT solutions providers globally. Fincons Group is "SAP Service Partner" for SAP Italy and SAP Schweiz and supports clients in the analysis, implementation and performance improvement phases of the different SAP solutions thanks to a trained and accredited team with experience in different industries. 


Oracle is an IT multinational offering a complete and integrated stack with cloud applications and Platform Services. Oracle’s offering, more and more cloud oriented, is based on emerging tecnologies adopted in both intelligent business applications and infrastructure. Fincons Group is an Oracle Value Added Reseller and Gold Partner. 


Adobe is the leading digital experience provider and thought leader. Fincons Group is an Adobe Community Solution Partner. Adobe's creative, marketing and document solutions give everyone – from emerging artists to global brands – everything they need to design and deliver exceptional experiences, to transform the world of global digital marketing experience. 


Microsoft is one of the largest software providers globally, developing its offering in line with new technological trends oriented to digital transformation in the era of intelligent cloud. Its mission is to empower every organization on to achieve more. Fincons Group is "Microsoft Partner Certified" for the development of Microsoft platform-based applications. 


Wideverse is a start-up, spin-off of the Polytechnic of Bari, which develops products and solutions based on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Developed around the notion of Metaverse, Wideverse vision is to create new tools capable of enriching our daily experience in designing and using information and improving operational processes through better information management and technology-mediated physical interaction.


Winshuttle enables businesses to work in SAP using data present on forms such as Excel, Access and the Web without programming, guaranteeing security and optimal performance. Fincons Group is an accredited VAR "Value Added Reseller" partner in Italy for the sale and implementation of its software. The platform provides flexible workflow management and process monitoring via specific KPIs.