Cross platform advertising

Interactive, Addressable advertising, together with Unified cross-channel Ad Sales to increase yield and monetisation

Targeted, interactive, Watch & Buy. The proliferation of content distribution platforms also represents a challenge for the advertising sector, where the downturn in traditional advertising isn’t always compensated by internet advertising.


In order to deal with this digital transformation and to capitalize new monetization opportunities for the advertising inventory, leading media operators are innovating their typical working model by managing a multiplatform and dynamic offer.

Fincons has long term collaborations in this domain with leading advertising sales agencies, supporting them over the last two decades in the transformation of their systems for orders and prospects management, advertising placement and sales forecasting.

Driven by emerging market demand, Fincons introduced a set of innovative solutions fully managing interactive and addressable advertising on every screen and every platform to increase yield and monetization within consolidated best practices:

  • Deliver ads across linear DAI, OTT, VOD
  • Generate a seamless experience by connecting TVs with second screens to enable data and targeted advertising on audience segments
  • Control order management, forecasting and buying methods and empower overall audience frequency management
  • Enable outcome-based Adv selling and buying automation, through Unified cross-channel Advertising Sales solutions, integrating best-of-breed systems with data-driven AI


Fincons built an integrated ecosystem to support new and tailored business models:

  • Interactive Content & Responsive Advertising, thanks to custom landing microsites for brands’ campaigns T-commerce (Media Embedded Merchandising) or shoppable content, where a Watch & Buy model transforms advertising into a direct-buy experience
  • Contextual Advertising, where products are chosen not only according to user preferences but also depending on the displayed content.