Digital multi-platform content distribution and collaboration

Empowering publishers, media operators, enterprises and Pas to leverage digital channels for Next Gen Communication

Empowering publishers, media operators, enterprises and Public Administrations to leverage digital channels for Next Gen Communication In response to market demand for more digital content, the publishing industry has moved towards an omni-channel approach where traditional publishing is combined, or entirely replaced, with digital formats.

Fincons supports publishers of journals, newspapers, books, digital platforms and other media operators in this transformation, assisting them throughout the digitalization process with an optimal use of new technologies and channels, enhancing audience engagement and content monetization.

Fincons co-invests in the experimentation of innovative use-cases together with its clients, capturing and anticipating the trends in different market segments, such as:

  • Service unbundling, from an all-you-can-eat to à-la-carte models for the personalized subscription economy
  • Protecting content IPR in a new era of sharing and distribution on multiple platforms
  • Combining UGC with professional contributions, automation and fake news verification
  • Modern E-commerce stores for digital content and physical products
  • Enabling smart video communication and (B2B, B2C or B2E) collaboration with Entertainment Grade quality, now made available not only for Media Companies, but also for Enterprises and PA

Our experience managing the digital presence of our clients covers the design and deployment of static and dynamic responsive websites, apps and e-commerce portals, community and social media network accounts.

The application of innovative technologies such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning allows us to experiment with new models of collaborative content production, audience profiling and content/service personalization.  

Fincons not only provides new ways to engage with the reader, but also new tools for editorial teams to better collaborate with one another within the organization.