For new digital citizens

Internet of Things, Open Data and Digital Identity: these are key themes for the future of the Public Sector. This sector is experiencing the deepest and most radical transformation in its route to digitalisation.

Public Sector services for digital citizens

Intelligent devices connect and communicate with each other in increasingly evolved ways; so much so that each device-user can be awarded a digital identity that enables it to interact with all the other device-users in the IoT “ecosystem”. In other words, citizens and businesses can access all online services offered by the Public Sector and its partners via a single log-in.

Administrative procedures, payments, security, healthcare, transport, education: practically all civil and town planning activities are made easier and more efficient by providing users with virtual, automated and interactive access. Social networks and chatbots complete the set of technologies that the Public Sector must implement to guarantee public service that resolves issues and responds to requirements in a timely and accurate manner.

Public sector transformation provides value-added services to citizens

A central role for users, simplification of processes, cost reduction, swiftness of execution, easier interaction between public and private: these are key issues for the Public Sector of the future.

This all-encompassing process requires reliable and skilled partners with a solid track-record. We have been working with the Public Sector for years, offering technology platforms and pioneering solutions to make this important transition and improve citizen’s lives.