Driving complexity in transportation

Intelligent networks, interconnections, infrastructure and integrated services: safety and traveller experience are always at the core.

The passenger is always the transport operators’ main concern as they face the need to redesign their IT systems end-to-end, integrating services and terms. To satisfy growing traveller demand globally, operators need to enable travellers to use their time more effectively. Today, in fact, technology has made transport more productive and “connected”, transforming it into a real travel “experience”.

The digitalisation of networks for transport, signalling and access and predictive maintenance for event planning are radically changing the transport environment. Today’s major challenge for the sector is employing technology and digitalisation to achieve efficient and safe transport.

The user is always at the heart of the offer that each operator provides. The latter are having to redesign their management systems integrating the key component of services and enablers for people moving from one place to another. Operator ability to offer travellers a service that is integrated with other infrastructures in the territory and with all mobility services is now critical to beating the competition.

Transforming Mobility

We support infrastructure managers in public and private sector transport businesses in rail, road, maritime and intermodal transport in the digitalisation process with planning and implementation of solutions for the mobility of passenger and goods, as well as for the security and maintenance of networks.

Our experience derives from cooperation with leading operators on the international market and has helped us develop a suite of services and solutions that support different core processes in the industry ranging from the management of service areas and terminal processes, to mobile technologies and ticketing right through to ERP management, maintenance etc. We are particularly focused on safety, with solutions devoted to mechanical maintenance teams that work on tracks and on controlling access and security of sensitive areas such as ports and stations.

We also provide transport operators with a cutting-edge offer aimed at improving passenger User Experience in the form of multiscreen video management that provides the user with an immersive, interactive and personalised experience via digital totems and screens within waiting areas and lounges.


Efficient management of maintenance works and real-time control of activities means being able to guarantee worker safety thus providing safer networks and transportation.


We develop IT systems for planning and monitoring rail network maintenance in real-time.

  • Reliable and traceable information
  • Viewing and execution of closure processes
  • Safety is our priority

We help our clients drastically reduce communication error risks, enabling rail workers to always keep control of active segments and helping maintenance teams work safely while digitalising documents pertaining to their activities. Thanks to modern technologies, TUSP- a solution developed for SBB- enables teams of workers active on the network to upload their activities and segments of track affected onto a tablet computer making maintenance safer. TUSP was developed using pioneering technology and is constantly updated with the most recent iOS and web features. In addition to this, back-end cloud solutions guarantee stability and flexibility.


While previously safety on rail networks depended on a telephone call, TUSP uses digital information to provide workers with a safety tool that enables a double-check on information accuracy.

developed for one of the most advanced networks in the world

The solution was developed for one of the most advanced networks in the world - the Swiss SBB CFF FSS – one of the travel operators with the longest and most sophisticated networks in the world. This complexity needs to be managed, while guaranteeing maintenance that combines efficient intervention and safety for people and networks.

From real time monitoring of activities to electronic report archiving

The application was planned to manage monitoring of maintenance activities in real time and verification of the environment they interact with (rails, train convoys, locomotives…). Electronic document archiving of activities enables a reduction in errors as it integrates maintenance works in the network management process.

A product developed using best-of-breed, scalable technology

The TUSP application was designed using the latest technology and is constantly updated with the latest iOS and web features while the integration of pioneering cloud back end solutions ensures stability and scalability.

A product that was developed alongside users and is regularly integrated with new features

Users are at the heart of TUSP development. The Fincons development team regularly interfaces with operators to receive their expert feedback, share the latest improvements and new integrated features with them in order to continue delivering a highly-functioning and user-friendly product.