Co-design for co-innovation

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

And we couldn’t do it without you, our clients.

We fully understand, and are often able to foresee, our client’s needs by developing innovative technological solutions that enable new business processes for new business models.

We guide businesses into the new era of digital transformation involving them in a dynamic research, trial and co-innovation process.

  • We share your new business requirements
  • We identify best-of-breed solutions
  • We integrate missing features
  • We develop and implement alongside the client
Co-investment and co-development

Our sustainable research model is based on a practical and flexible approach and is guided by a long-term vision.

We co-invest alongside our clients to develop technological solutions that are not on the market yet providing them with time, resources and people that can favour long-term growth for their business.


We take part in pre-competitive research projects accessing European, national and regional funding and partnering with prestigious universities and centres for research.

Our Innovation Lab scouts the best technologies, develops and engineers the most interesting research from both a technological and a process perspective, in order to satisfy our clients’ new business requirements.

Solution Engineering
Solution Engineering

We accelerate innovation to launch live pilot projects for our clients.

We develop and engineer new technological solutions through research that is tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Our Solution Engineering division is an innovation accelerator.

Innovation at Work
Innovation at Work

The final stage is that of innovation on the field, turning research projects into pilot applications.

Innovative solutions are implemented alongside the client that receives a solution enabling new processes and business models.


Close cooperation with research institutes and international universities is one of our strong suits for stimulating innovation. Taking part in European and international research projects with our clients enables us to further refine and enrich our skills in emerging technologies.

Innovative projects and collaborations


International research institutes


European Universities


Projects per year
A trusted and resilient data space in the Media sector TEMS
A trusted and resilient data space in the Media sector
Watchman Watchman
For the development of hub expertise and experimentation of Artificial Intelligence.
Fincons Group projects - Silvanus Silvanus
Against the threat of forest fires and climate change.
Fincons Group projects - Signon Signon
Free, open-source service and framework for conversion between video, audio and text.
MediaVerse - Full control of media rights management. MediaVerse
Full control of media rights management.
CDP3 - Generation of rights management solutions CDP3
Analysis, definition and realisation of a new generation of rights management solutions.
XReco XReco
The Horizon Europe Innovation Project for a new data-driven ecosystem for the media industry.
AI4Trust AI4Trust
AI-based-technologies for trustworthy solutions against disinformation
CoMPaSS-NMD - Artificial Intelligence to study Hereditary Neuromuscular Diseases CoMPaSS-NMD
Artificial Intelligence to study Hereditary Neuromuscular Diseases

Research & Development for the Future of Audio Branding


The projects’ objective is to select the most appropriate music for any context based on the audio content of songs, not on manually assigned tags but rather based on tags applied by a powerful algorithm that can identify the most efficient features for listener preference forecasting. This prediction model, developed using machine learning procedures that are highly effective, is at the core of the ABC_DJ system.


AI-based-technologies for trustworthy solutions against disinformation

AI4TRUST will provide a hybrid system, where machines cooperate with humans, relying on advanced AI solutions against advanced disinformation techniques to support media professionals and policy makers.


Cyber Physical & Future Internet

The project aims to integrate and experiment a Future Internet-based machine-factory-cloud platform in five selected regions (Lombardy in Italy, Euskadi in Spain, Baden Wuertemberg in Germany, Norte in Portugal, Rhone Alpes in France). Local centres of skills and manufacturing SMEs are also involved. The final objective of the project is to significantly improve adoption levels of CPPSs throughout Europe through the development, promotion and support provided to innovative CPS ecosystems composed of skills centres, manufacturers and IT SMEs.


The project’s objective is to create an ecosystem of best practices for a transparent, innovative and cooperative public sector and to provides more efficient and inclusive tools to respond to citizen requirements. 


Artificial Intelligence to study Hereditary Neuromuscular Diseases

The CoMPaSS-NMD project aims to develop and test novel AI-based stratification methods for patients affected by Hereditary Neuromuscular Diseases (HNMD), based on multidimensional HNMD data provided by clinical reference centers, partners of the project.


3D human avatar for live sign language interpretation


CONTENT4ALL provides broadcasters with an affordable and sustainable solution to increase accessibility and services to the deaf community. 3D photorealistic avatar, named “realatar”, reproduces in real-time a sign language interpreter as a realistic virtual human. It is achieved by enabling an innovative remote studio where real person movements are captured (and the processed thanks to advanced Deep Learning and Machine Learning algorithms.


Applications, social connected TV

Promotes the development of apps and services in social connected TV in Smart City development and pervasive games. FINCONS GROUP has developed two HbbTV standard multi-screen applications for interaction with sporting events and interactive advertising.


Integration between different industries

Promotes cooperation and integration between different sectors such as transport, logistics and the agri-food segment, with the objective of developing and trialling new Future Internet solutions that respond to new cooperation requirements. FINCONS GROUP has developed a set of mobile and Web applications to manage transport demand and track transport via maps in real-time.


Reinventing Media Ecosystems

The main target is to provide a significant leap forward for media delivery supporting personalized, interactive, mobile and localized (PIML) workflows.Through the platform’s fast and dynamic service request routing capability, media service providers will have fine-grained control over load and therefore costs across the network. This offers the potential to significantly reduce the overall costs while ensuring fast availability of services towards end users.


Sharing media while keeping full control of intellectual property

MediaVerse aims to enable all sorts of content creators to create and share their media, while keeping control of their intellectual property rights. 


Integration between different industries

MPAT’s objective is to enable Media companies to semi-automatically develop a series of personalised applications. These are then populated with content by the editorial team or by connecting MPAT with third party content management solutions.
The MPAT open source core will enable Media businesses to semi-automatically create a series of custom applications that will later be populated with editorial content or by connecting MPAT to third party content management solutions.
The MPAT open source core will provide all the key features required to create multi-screen experiences for HbbTV and other HTML5-based devices. The project’s introductory 
brochure is available on line.


SEIP (Service for Encrypted Information Provider) supports a users’ community in creating its private virtual blockchain on a public one by exploiting novel asymmetric, encryption techniques (CP-ABE - Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption) and credential-based approaches (SSI - Self Sovereign Identity, VCs –Verifiable Credentials).

SEIP is funded under the H2020 NGI ONTOCHAIN project 1st Open Call.


Innovation in Broadcasting

The project’s objective is to develop alternative solutions within Broadcasting for the production of video content using technologies such as : metadata, sentiment analysis, 360° video and HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV), the European standard for broadband-broadcast convergence already adopted by many European nations such as the UK and Germany. The standard will also be soon introduced to Italy.


Highly competitive manufacturing

The project aims to improve the competitiveness of European manufacturing industries through the development of tools that favour cooperation between production and service departments.

Radical Project

Social Networking Interoperability

Promotes the development and spread of interoperability between social networks and the Internet of Things in Smart Cities through the development of an ICT platform that unites flexible and customised services that can be easily replicated in different cities. FINCONS GROUP is developing a series of applications to monitor and improve awareness of noise pollution in Smart Cities. The project’s introductory brochure is available on line.


The user-centric and community-driven project for deaf

The project develops a free, open-source service and framework for conversion between video, audio and text, translating between sign and spoken languages, delivered to users via an easy-to-use mobile application.


Against the threat of forest fires.

The Silvanus project brings together a large consortium of interdisciplinary experts from four continents to combat the threat of forest fires and improve forest resilience against climate change


Symbiosis of smart objects across IoT environments

The project’s objective is to implement a series of open source IoT platforms to enable the secure interaction and exchange of resources and support migration from other platforms (so-called “Smart Object Roaming”)


A Smart Tags driven service platform for enabling ecosystems of connected objects.

The goal is to connect the mass-market products by leveraging the feature of functional codes to dynamically change according to the context changes of each tagged product together with wide availability of smart phones that can capture/record/transmit these codes we can create context sensors for mass-market products and convert mass-market products into connected mass-market products with unique identity.


A trusted and resilient data space in the Media sector

The TEMS project deploys a secure and trusted dataspace to enable Audiovisual and Media organizations to cooperate by sharing and accessing data in a mutually advantageous manner and in full compliance with the data protection legislation.


The Horizon Europe Innovation Project for a new data-driven ecosystem for the media industry.

XReco will build an enabling technology and pave the way for lifting the use of XR media content from being occasionally involved in media production to being regularly integrated in the media industry.


Moving the European XR tech industry forward.

XR4ALL is an initiative by the European Commission to strengthen the European XR (Extended Reality) industry. 
It is designed to forge a competitive, sustainable XR-tech ecosystem in Europe, with the following main objectives: create a pan-European (XR-tech) community; discover existing EU XR technology; develop a research agenda; award grants for innovative technology projects; increase investments & tech transfers to help products reach the market.

eCAR (encryption for Confidential AR) enables developers to create Android Augmented Reality applications able to customise the provided AR content according to attributes of the application’s user.
eCAR was funded under the
XR4ALL H2020 project, 1st Open Call.
Further information is available on the
XR4ALL portal.


Smart Manufacturing Platform

The Apulia Regional Programme Contract funds highly innovative initiatives and Fincons Group will develop a Smart Manufacturing Platform investing in sustainable manufacturing.


Smart Digital Platform


The CdP2 includes the Industrial Research and Experimental Development activities provided for by the Program Contract co-financed by the Apulia Region called Smart Digital Platform (Regional Operational Project FESR 2014-2020, Regional Regulation no. 17/2014 - Title II Chapter 1 - " Aiuti ai programmi di investimento delle Grandi Imprese"). Through this Research and Development project, FINCONS intended to study, define and develop a set of new ICT products and methodologies for the "Media" market and, more generally, for the Creative Industries.
A further objective was to validate the results of these activities in realistic business scenarios, relating to some verticalizations of the market: televisions, publishers of newspapers and magazines, information agencies. To give added value, in particular to Industrial Research activities, FINCONS made use of the specialized collaboration of professors and researchers of the Politecnico di Bari (Department of Electrical and Information Engineering).




New generation of rights management solutions

The project aims to analyze, define and implement a new generation of solutions for the management of rights and their monetization in a multi-platform perspective, covering all phases of the multi-channel rights management process.


The full reuse of wastewater for irrigation is possible!

The scope of the project is to make possible the full reuse of wastewater for irrigation, involving all the actors of reuse: from the water service management authority to the distribution cooperative up to farms, providing them with the necessary technological tools' irrigation in full security, respecting and increasing production targets.


The project’s objective is the creation of a «Smart Factory» using Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), where ICT technologies are integrated into components, machines and environments.

Energy Router

Small Size Smart Grid networks

The project’s objective is to research, develop, trial, prototype and publicly demonstrate an innovative solution for the management and auditing of small, domestic, commercial and tertiary sector smart grid networks (<100kW).


AI expertise and experimentation hub

Watchman develops a hub of expertise and experimentation for the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques in Machine Vision in the manufacturing sector.

Gartner says

Partners for innovation

Fincons Group has co-funded the co-development of an e-commerce software platform, Commerce4media, alongside with Sky Italy. The platform responds to Sky Online's requirements (today Now TV) for personalisation of video services' pricing.

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Artificial Intelligence

Fincons is deeply involved in an European Commission project aimed at automating sign language for deaf viewers. The project, called Content4All, uses machine learning technology and algorithms to translate sign language for video content via a photo-realistic 3d human avatar that enables the distribution of customised low-cost content to the deaf community.

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Big data

Fincons is one of the major technology players in Big Data that "combines in-memory data grids, even brokering and stream analytics: Gigaspaces (insightedge); Gridgain (gridgain in-memory computing platform); Hazelcast (hazelcast + jet); Pivotal software (gemfire + greenplum connector); Striim (striim platform); Fincons (Fincons Fast Data Lake); Software ag (terracotta db + apama + universal messaging)."

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