Full control of media rights management.

The EU-funded Innovation Action MediaVerse brings together technology developers, social researchers, media publishers, artists, and other stakeholders. Their main goal is to help all sorts of creators produce and share state-of-the-art media, while allowing them to maintain control of their intellectual property rights.

MediaVerse aims to enable all sorts of content creators, from traditional publishers and freelance creators or artists to anyone who wants to share their ideas, to create and share their media, while keeping control of their intellectual property rights. MediaVerse aims to provide a set of tools to support all steps in this process:

  • Co-creation tools, where multiple users can work on their projects together, supporting also immersive media like interactive 360° videos and 3D objects;
  • Social analytics tools to follow trends and connect with your existing Social Media channels both ways – re-using the media you posted there as well as posting your new creations;
  • A decentralised network to share media;
  • AI-supported tools for content analysis to make it easier to find content fragments on which to build media, including tools to spot inappropriate content to protect audiences;
  • Blockchain-enabled tools to negotiate intellectual property rights and be paid appropriately;
  • Automated language translation and other tools to facilitate the creation of accessible media.

MediaVerse brings together a multi-disciplinary consortium with that includesresearch institutions and universities and joins forces with ICT companies,SMEs, and other traditional industry stakeholders.