The Horizon Europe Innovation Project for a new data-driven ecosystem for the media industry.

Fincons’ International Institutions and Research BU is collaborating with other European partners on XReco, a Horizon Europe Innovation Project to create a new data-driven ecosystem for the media industry.

XReco will build an enabling technology and pave the way for lifting the use of XR media content from being occasionally involved in media production to being regularly integrated in the media industry. Media producers will be able to (re-) use 2D and 3D assets as well as XR experiences, fostering inter-organization content sharing and providing increased access to content for media creators, while considering novel data monetization and right management policies.

Use case scenarios for XReco include XR-based broadcasting, automatic and customised multitarget news publishing and location-based information and entertainment content applied to the tourism and the automotive industries.

Fincons Group is one of 20 partners from 12 countries, combining their skills and vision to enable efficient and multi-modal media data discovery, transformation, creation and sharing, involving different types and sizes of media organizations. Fincons is focused on the development of the monetization and rights management functionalities as well as on the integration of the different components in a unified architecture, leveraging its strong competencies as a system integrator and consolidating the progresses got step by step.

XRECO is a Horizon Europe Innovation Project co-financed by the EC under Grant Agreement ID: 101070250