LNG Upstream (Slots and Discharge) & Downstream (Redelivery)

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Fincons has developed a complex SAP solution that cover the main core processes (upstream and downstream activities) for businesses that produce and distribute Liquid Natural Gas. The solution is composed by a series of custom modules that perfectly interact with the standard SAP suite thus providing the user an organic User Experience.

Main processes and functions supported are as follows:

Contract Management
  • Maritime Services Contracts
  • Capacity Contracts
  • Other contracts for ad hoc materials/services
State of slots (ship discharge process)
  • avanzamento degli slot (avanzamento della discarica della nave)
  • attivazione del processo di fatturazione dei servizi marittimi con possibilità di verifica dell’avvenuto incasso (upstream dashboard)
Management of allocation and returns
  • Downstream dashboard
Management of different stock types (temporary or ordinary client stock…) and LNG movements
Active invoice management (Terminal Users, Ship owners, …)
Flexibility portal
  • Intra-day e day-ahead flexibility management by all players (commercial area users of the client, end clients and terminal users)
  • Session configuring by sales
  • Flexibility request addition by end client
  • Appointment update on the basis of the flexibility required by the end client
  • Quarterly plan management of discharge by end client
  • Two-way management of attachments and communications (including SAP invoices)
  • Visualisation and, exceptionally, variation of appointment by Terminal users (unplanned event request)
Sales Area evolution
  • Development of new function for management and OBA invoicing towards SGRs and end clients
  • Daily LNG Operational Data Report 
  • Flexibility balance