Machine Learning

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Fincons’ experience in Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence finds its expression in a series of projects that aim to implement application architectures for text, voice and image analysis to improve operational and management process efficiency. We use some of the most popular Cognitive Algorithms thanks to our partnerships with major research centres and universities. Our approach is to take the client’s business requirement as a starting point to achieve an “integrated” solution within the specific application map via a series of micro steps.


Some of our expertise in Utilities:

  • Customer Care e-mail content analysis
    classification and automatic clustering to reduce the number of resources required to classify emails and redirect to the Back-Office operator.
  • Business ICT Ticket analysis
    automatic identification of structured information sets that identify classification and therefore improve redirection to correct resources, reducing time and cost for resolution.
  • Automatic analysis of Inbound content (Fax, Email, Letters…)
    within the document system that manages high inbound volumes and great complexity. Analysis, identification and normalisation of imagery to define document type (I.D. card, passport, property plots, forms filled out by clients...). It also enables the extraction of text content to analyse it with specific algorithms.