Smart Digital Platform

the first platform to be entirely compatible with both HbbTV and ATSC3.0 standards

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Stemming from Fincons’ pioneering experiences with HbbTV and ATSC applications, Fincons Smart Digital Platform (SDP) is a flexible and fully customisable modular framework designed to provide Hybrid TV and OTT solutions and to act as an accelerator for new services scenarios, also thanks to its revolutionary publishing tool that redefines application development.

The SDP is built to integrate with the latest standards, but it is also ready to be expanded and personalised as new technology becomes available.

It enables Broadcaster Apps to have advanced monetization models, provides contextual information and encourages greater viewer engagement. The SDP uniquely also features full automation of the Hybrid TV asset preparation chain ( as featured on AWS Media Blog)

New Needs....

  • Hybrid TV Interactive Applications, Addressable and Programmatic TV Advertising
  • Multiple cloud AI/ML Metadata Enrichments
  • Hybrid media workflows Orchestration
  • Rights Management, Watermarking and IP Sharing
  • Data analysis for QoS and Monetization improvements


    ... require a modern framework ...

    • Complete E2E stack of services for Hybrid TV (HbbTV/ATSC3.0) and OTT scenarios covering ingestion, delivery, front-end, back-office and analytics
    • Adopting newest enabling technologies available on the market
    • Built integrating “best of breed” solutions provided by partners or open source
    • Microservices and cloud services based
    • High-end scalable and real-time monitored SaaS services
    • Development based on AGILE / DevOps methodologies driven by strategic incremental steps (PI)

    ... based on a “smart” approach

    • Each customer is unique with its own requirements but all are starting from a common set of functionalities
    • SDP framework distributes functionalities in logical “SMART” modules intended to be the “building blocks” for any Hybrid TV solution
    • Each module interoperates through a microservices modular core glued between:
       - Fincons core components
       - External 3rd parties services
       - Cloud infrastructure solutions
       - Customer legacy
    • SMART modules guarantee flexibility in terms of personalization, integration and deployment in hybrid scenarios


    The SDP framework distributes functionalities in logical “SMART” modules intended to be the “building blocks” for any Hybrid TV solution