CONTENT4ALL wins the NAB Technology Innovation Award

CONTENT4ALL wins the NAB Technology Innovation Award

We are proud to announce that the CONTENT4ALL Project has won the prestigious NAB Technology Innovation Award 2020.  

As system integrator and project-lead for the research team consortium, Fincons Group entered the project for this prestigious prize.

The NAB Award rewards organizations that bring advanced technology exhibits presenting advanced research and development projects in communications technologies that have not yet been commercialized.

CONTENT4ALL, which has received funding from the European Union's #H2020 research and innovation programme, aims at automating sign language interpreting using novel technologies and AI algorithms and fulfils all the award requirements.

In addition to featuring ground-breaking innovation, CONTENT4ALL has an important social impact as it helps broadcasters make additional content available in sign language, reaching a broader and more inclusive audience while also reducing production costs.

Michele Moretti, Fincons Group CEO, comments: “Fincons Group has always focused on investing in innovation as a catalyst for growth, enabling us to develop our offering and approach international markets with cutting-edge solutions. We are proud to win with a project that combines some of our core values such as innovation and engagement in socially beneficial initiatives.”

“A key part of our process is to develop innovation that stems from real market requirements so that the results of our R&D, even at pre-competitive stage, can truly benefit both the community and our clients. The cooperation between partners and the composition of the workgroup, which includes two broadcasters, ensures that the project responds to real market needs,” adds Francesco Moretti, CEO Fincons.US and Fincons Group Deputy CEO.