Fincons Group and AGSM describe their path towards automation at Utility Day 2020

Fincons Group and AGSM, a multiservice company and operator of electricity and gas production and distribution based in Verona, have embarked on a new path for the automation of admin activities. The automatic analysis of incoming mail with text and image understanding feeds back-office processing queues. A step-by-step approach that can be verified on the field objectively guarantees accurate cost/benefits analysis.

Fincons Group will also be present with a booth dedicated to our Energy & Utilities offering where it will be possible to find out more about the Utility Virtual Clerk, exclusively introduced by Simone Villa during the round table. The Utility Virtual Clerk is not just a piece of tech but a real additional team member that continues to refine its skills to respond to business needs more intelligently and accurately.

Fincons Group and AGSM will attend Utility Day 2020 Wednesday 25th November 2020 where they will also take part in the round table “Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence | What are the applications and what is their role for the future of the Utilities?”.

They round table participants will be:

  • Moderator, Alessandro Musumeci, President of CDTI
  • Nicholas Pavan, Head of Management and Application Development, AGSM
  • Simone Villa, Head of Energy & Utilities BU, Fincons Group
  • Alessandro Linguanti, IT Director, EON

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