Fincons is proud to support innovation with DigithON

Fincons is proud to support innovation with DigithON

Fincons has confirmed its support for the DigithON initiative, the largest Italian digital marathon, by sponsoring the event and sitting on the scientific committee.

Fincons has also taken centre stage with a session entitled “Innovation is a Mindset” by Oliver Botti, Strategic Marketing and Innovation Executive Director, illustrating the company’s approach based on Pre-Competitive Research, Solution Engineering and Pilot Applications on Friday 23rd October at 13.15.

Following a call for ideas, from 1st to 30th September, the digital marathon aims to put start-ups and their innovative projects in contact with private and institutional investors, both Italian and international, during the competition. The event wants to be a springboard for original projects that were presented on 23rd and 24th October.

The representatives of the Scientific Committee have watched the pitches in live streaming from the Inventor Lab at the Vecchie Segherie in Bisceglie - the DigithON headquarters. The award ceremony has been held on the last weekend of October at the Inventor Lab.

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