Fincons @ Medientage 2019

Munchen, 23-25 October

In an increasingly competitive and global media market, we are seeing market leaders joining forces to target wider audiences and to launch compelling new services. The media industry is aware of the potential of interactivity, participation and personalization of content to drive user engagement, segmentation and monetization.

These topics will be addressed during an unmissable panel titled “Engage and Monetize in a competitive market: Experiences of Innovation Acceleration and Efficiency of Delivery”, that brings together experts from the broadcasting and publishing markets, who will share their experiences on the launch and running of compelling video-centered services, focusing on business drivers as well as the effective introduction of innovative technology enablers and the efficiency of delivery and operations on a global scale.

Fincons will also be featured in another panel, together with AWS, speaking about innovative services for the media market.

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