Innovation Days - The excellence of the territory

Bari, 26th November

On 26th November, Fincons Group participated in the event “Innovation Days - The excellence of the territory", organized in Bari by the 24 ORE Group. Fincons was one of the companies that shared its experience and explained how important innovation and training are to increasing the value of the Apulian Region and creating new jobs in the territory.

The event opened with speeches by Fabio Tamburini - Director of Il Sole 24 Ore, Sergio Fontana - President of Confindustria Bari and BAT, Antonio Decaro - Mayor of Bari and Michele Emiliano - President of Apulia Region.

They explained how the work of entrepreneurs who bring investments and innovation (both in innovative and in traditional sectors) and the synergy between institutions, companies and universities as well as the funds of the Apulia Region are all fundamental in the development of the Apulian territory. All together, these factors have favored the development of many specialized companies and the creation of job opportunities for young people.

During the panel titled: "From big to start-up: innovation that creates work", Marcello Finocchiaro, Delivery Center Director of Fincons Group, explained the commitment of Fincons in the enhancement of the territory and its professionals. A commitment that is realized thanks to constant investments in innovation and training: in the last year there have been 200 new hires in the Delivery Center in Bari, which now accounts for over 600 resources out of a total of 1600 employees in the whole Group, and next year a new prestigious building in Bari - that will host up to 1000 people – will be opened.