Webinar session – A practical AI Adoption for Financial Services

Fincons Group and will present the benefits of NL API and Studio for banks and insurance companies in a webinar session on 21 April 2021, at 11 am EDT/5 pm CEST.

For Banks and Insurers, the need to accelerate innovation by leveraging Artificial Intelligence applied to Natural Language Understanding is a key opportunity to improve the operational efficiency.

By extracting relevant information from complex and unstructured text, you can now automate tasks and workflows reducing costs while significantly improving quality and productivity.

Join us for our upcoming webinar “A practical AI Adoption for Financial Services: Natural Language Understanding for improving efficiency and scaling business” to boost Banks and Insurers productivity.

Giuliano Altamura - Global Financial Services Business Unit General Manager at Fincons Group, Alessandro Peroni - Senior Manager Financial Services at Fincons Group, and Andrea Ricotti - Sales Manager Global Channel Development at will present solutions to reach a new level of automation accuracy thanks to Natural Language API.

Discover how to:

  • Empower your existing applications with Natural Language Understanding capabilities
  • Analyse and extract information from texts
  • Release time to devote to value added activities

Even if you cannot make the live event, you will still receive the replay as long as you RSVP