Always topping the charts

Always topping the charts

Fincons Group has always been a leader in various sector rankings and has won important awards at national and international level. 2020, specifically, was a full year as the Group received various awards for being a major industry player with a solid financial structure and for experiencing constant economic and business growth, but always remaining attentive to the well-being of its human resources and to their professional and personal development.

We are a multinational company that has grown over the years thanks to our commitment and to our forward-looking strategic vision. Our skills are recognized by the market at global level, where we have acquired references of the highest degree in a context of increasing internationalization and of constant investments in research and innovation.


In January 2020 we were awarded with the Industria Felix Award, organized by the quarterly economics and finance magazine Industria Felix Magazine in collaboration with Cerved Group, for being among the best companies in Lombardy for uninterrupted growth and financial reliability, from 2007 to 2018. In November 2020, we received the High Budget Honor of the Felix Industry Award "Italy that competes and starts again 2020", at national level, for being among the top Italian companies for management performance and financial reliability in the Innovative Services sector. This second recognition confirms the soundness of our business model and the solidity of our financial structure.

Financial solidity and investments in innovation are key, but most of all in Fincons we invest in people. Knowledge, competence, attention to quality and ability to share ideas and goals are the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat distinguish the people who work with us and which we export all over the world. The Italy's Best Employers 2021 ranking, published by Corriere della Sera in October 2020 and drawn up by Statista, confirms our commitment and sees us among the best 400 Italian companies and Italian multinationals in various product sectors, selected on the basis of a questionnaire of twelve thousand workers canvassing working conditions and corporate well-being.

In 2020, Fincons also received some important international awards confirming the innovative value of projects resulting from R&D where the Group partners with important research centers, universities and international bodies. Specifically, the CONTENT4ALL project, funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 program, won the prestigious NAB Technology Innovation Award 2020, rewarding organizations that develop advanced technologies through pre-competitive research. This is a cutting-edge project that has the goal of supporting broadcasters with sign language interpretation tools through the use of new AI technologies, enabling them to reach a wider and more inclusive audience.

The latest goal achieved was winning the SportsPro OTT Awards 2020 in the “Innovation of the Year” category, thanks to the Fincons SDP-Smart Digital Platform for NextGenTV. This category recognises a new product, technology or feature that has enhanced the consumption and use of OTT platforms and has had a demonstrable revolutionary impact on a company, product or on the industry. The SDP platform, completely designed and developed by Fincons, is compliant with both the European HbbTV2 and the American ATSC3 standards, enables the creation and publishing of sports content through owner and distributor apps, enriching them with advanced monetization models and encouraging greater viewer engagement with cutting-edge interactive applications.

On the basis of these important achievements, Fincons Group will continue to invest in new projects and challenges at an international level.