Fincons Group is a supporting member of the Digital Transformation Institute

At Fincons, we have embraced sustainability for years. We believe in innovation, in technology, and as digital innovators we feel it is our duty striving to create a better future. A world that is more sustainable and more technological, governed by a human intelligence that is attentive to the real values of people and their well-being.

This is why we have joined, as supporting members, the Digital Transformation Institute - Research Foundation for Digital Sustainability, the first Italian research foundation on digital sustainability aimed at studying the dynamics of the 'revolution of meaning' induced by digital transformation, with particular reference to the impacts on environmental, cultural, social and economic sustainability.

Francesco Moretti, Deputy CEO of the Fincons Group and CEO of the international offices, on digital sustainability declairs: "I am firmly convinced of the profound relationship between innovation and sustainability, and in this sense I think that large technology multinationals, such as the Fincons Group, play a fundamental role in imagining and developing increasingly sustainable solutions, thanks to a conscious digital transformation that always puts people at the centre".

With the participation of its members and through research, communication and advocacy initiatives, the Foundation contributes, on the one hand, to the identification of the ways in which digital transformation can be functional to the pursuit of the sustainability goals defined in Agenda 2030, and, on the other, to the development of a structured reflection on how digitalisation should be implemented on the basis of sustainability criteria, also with reference to the role of platforms and the economic and social phenomena connected to them.