Fincons Group leverages the FLAME Platform to deliver in stadium content

Fincons Group has developed the new FC5 Live app, an application based on the FLAME platform, offering fans enhanced live experiences.

The FLAME project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731677 and aims to create a sustainable Future Media Internet ecosystem. The consortium works with broadcast, gaming and transmedia vertical markets to create applications that bring value to the many sectors dependent on effective production and distribution of media content, such as the creative industries, education, healthcare and smart city management.

Fincons Group is committed to investing in R&D with national and international partners to help develop new solutions that respond to emerging needs for target markets such as Sports and Media.

As user media fruition is becoming more and more integrated, sports content owners will be looking to deliver their content at live events with the help of 5G technology as soon this is possible again. The FC5 Live app is expected to have a great market potential both on “premium” clubs, but also on minor sports, thus contributing to the development of small clubs, and opening the opportunity to integrate with a range of added value services from third-party. The experimentation of the FC5Live app is taking place in the city of Barcelona, one of the cities where the FLAME platform has been deployed and will last until the end of June 2020.