Fincons supports the Francesca Rava Foundation’s “Solidarity Scholarships” project

Fincons supports the Francesca Rava Foundation’s “Solidarity Scholarships” project

In Fincons, we strive to contribute to improving the world. We do this every day by putting people at the centre of everything we do, and holidays represent an opportunity for us to engage even more emphatically.

This year, we have chosen to support the Francesca Rava Foundation and the "Solidarity Scholarships" project, with the aim of facilitating the social and professional inclusion of struggling young people who have dropped out of school and are supported by social services. Work orientation and tailored and professional training courses are offered, including internships in companies.

It's easy to think that people in need are distant, but help is required even in our own country, and projects like this are an example of how we can contribute to improving the lives of people very nearby. The "Solidarity Scholarships" project contributes to achieving three of the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda: Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Reduction of Inequalities. These goals are perfectly in line with Fincons' values as we have always believed and invested in a better future for new generations.

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