Guidewire Jutro™ Hackathon Award

A success story told by Riccardo Palombella, the Fincons Leader of our Guidewire Competence Center

Last June Fincons has been awarded in the global Guidewire Jutro™ Hackathon as second place winner, standing out among more than 70 participants from 10 different countries.

Thanks to the innovative capabilities and experiences of our team involved in the Hackathon, Fincons has been recognized as one of the top Insurtech Providers. A great achievement that demonstrated our reliability as Guidewire Partner able to support Insurers along their digital transformation programs.

We asked Riccardo Palombella, Director of Guidewire Competence Center at Fincons, to share with us their Hackathon experience that has led Fincons to success.

1) How would you describe the experience of your team in the Guidewire Jutro™ Hackathon?

Jutro™  Hackathon has been a huge opportunity for us to prove our Guidewire innovative skills and capabilities in an international and competitive contest.

A great occasion to design and develop best of breed claims applications, focusing our effort to delight the Judging Panel through optimized user experiences.

2) What do you think about Jutro™ tool?

We appreciate Jutro™  design system because is a complete repository of re-usable elements specific for insurance applications. We embraced the challenge of learning in depth this tool and now, thanks to the acquired skills, we can quickly craft new user interfaces, with high productivity.

3) What did you get from the Hackathon?

More than ever, we are aware that team working is the best way to carry on challenging tasks. During the hackathon, we had the opportunity to work together in co-creation sessions to bring out brilliant ideas to transform in value-added propositions. An exciting way of work!

Furthermore, we acquired new skills on Jutro™ which we will apply soon in the projects in which we are actually involved.

4) Can you describe the project developed during the Hackathon?

We designed and developed a self-service digital claim process, for straight through processing from notification to payment.

By leveraging our system integration skills, we combined Guidewire Jutro™  framework capabilities, Guidewire Edge APIs and value-added technologies as Image Recognition (Google APIs) and Natural Language Processing tools ( to deliver a smart UX.

5) How did you organize the team involved in this competition?

After an intensive Jutro™  framework training period, we split the team in two sub teams:

  • the first one dedicated to UX design, Jutro™  business patterns development (i.e. car damage reporting business pattern) and front-end flow development;
  • the second one dedicated to back-end development and integration development, in addition to Image Recognition configuration and NLP capabilities configuration.

Despite the split and the remote working setup due to covid restrictions, the team was organized as one scrum team, with constant interactions, and constant testing and functionality refinement.

I would like to thank Fabio Michele Bitetti, Vincenzo Mastandrea, Luciana Ranieri and Samuela Cappelluti for their outstanding work.

We are very proud of this award and we look forward to supporting Insurers in adopting Guidewire!