One for all, all for one

How many times did you hear this motto as a child? Whether you read Dumas’ novel or not, the three Luis XIII fencers charmed crowds of people, fostering the ideal that “united we stand, divided we fall”. Nowadays, fencing still is a fascinating sport combining the charm of an ancient art and timeless values such as responsibility and teamwork.

Thanks to Lugano Scherma, these values are brought on the piste every day, since 2008. This is a story of friendship and passion: four swordsmen who believed in the challenging project of encouraging fencing in Switzerland. Their courses don’t just speak to children and athletes, but also to disabled people and people who went through trauma through inclusive and therapeutic fencing. Because this discipline is not just deftness, but rather self-control, concentration and creativity.

From now on, the Swiss club can count on a new teammate: Fincons Group will support the fencers for the whole year, starting with the Musketeer Cup on October 22 and 28 in Lugano. Because when you’re facing your opponent, like with any challenge in life, being part of a supporting team is crucial. And Fincons will be there, to celebrate successes and to meet the needs of the club, but above all to share the same values: commitment, passion, respect. In IT as well as in fencing, on the piste and in life: one for all, all for one.