Our policy for the environment protection and the occupational health and safety management

Our policy for the environment protection and the occupational health and safety management

Sustainability culture has always had a crucial role in Fincons. For many years we’ve been following a virtuous path to help the environment and be attentive to people’s health and safety, in order to generate shared value for the whole Group and our stakeholders.

A greener world: our policies for the environment

To safeguard the environment means to care about our future and that of next generations. In order to do it, we need to constantly monitor the context in which we operate. We’ve analysed the status of our energy usage: the energy diagnosis has allowed us to significantly reduce our electricity consumption, thanks to the adoption of eco-friendly solutions such as LED lights, and motion/presence sensors.

Thanks to these upgrades, as well as other rolling initiatives and attentions, we’ve obtained the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification “environmental management systems”, which demonstrates our commitment to satisfy legal requirements and face risks and opportunities, as well as:

  • ensure the optimal management of waste by improving its differentiation and promoting its recycling, implementing actions aimed at protecting the environment by preventing the impacts of accidents and reducing the likelihood of their occurrence;
  • improve and promote the sustainability of the services offered by the company, monitoring the consumption of electricity from renewable sources, converting the car fleet from gas to electric;
  • keep staff training and awareness raising activities alive for greater protection of the environment.

People at the heart: policies for occupational health and safety

Well-being and safety of our people comes first. That’s why we are committed in spreading the culture of health and security with the aim of guaranteeing a safe workspace.

We’re glad we have been awarded with the UNI ISO 45001:2018 certification – “Occupational health and safety management systems”, which identifies all the requirements we have satisfied:

  • assessment of health and safety risks with the adoption of a systematic approach to eliminate them at source or, if it’s not possible, to at least minimize them, reducing accidents and occupational diseases and reducing costs and impacts on the business;
  • promotion of information and training initiatives to spread and consolidate the culture of health, safety and well-being, aimed at the adoption of a safe and responsible behavior;
  • guarantee the availability of workplaces suitable for carrying out work activities in order to obtain the best conditions of health, safety, comfort and well-being;
  • rigorous selection of suppliers involving them in the continuous improvement programs necessary to guarantee the best safety performance.

These certifications confirm our commitment to promoting actions in accordance with the principles of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

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