Supporting Senegal’s Healthcare

A new maternity ward for the hospital of Pire Goureye

It’s been around 10 years since we established a close-knit relationship with Pire Goureye, a village in Senegal’s countryside. Last year we focused on the construction of a new school for children, with the aim of tackling Senegal’s low schooling rate, while this year we’ve continued helping the local hospital.

Pire Goureye’s hospital is an important first aid center for all the people of the villages close by. Over the years we’ve provided the hospital with different medical equipment and we’ve carried out necessary restoration works, from the floors to the roof. This time, we’ve taken a step forward and we’ve built an entire maternity ward.

The hospital is in fact a major point of reference for expectant women and newborn children, who travel to Pire Goureye to get all the treatment and care they need.

The new maternity ward has already begun welcoming women and children: check out the photo gallery below to see the final result and progress over time. Head over to our detail page to read more about our commitment for Senegal.