The Fincons Forest is Born in Africa

The Fincons Forest is Born in Africa

The world is greener today! To celebrate World Environment Day on June 5th, Fincons has planted 1750 trees in Africa together with Treedom, a web platform which safeguards the environment since 2010. And that’s how a new forest is born: the Fincons Forest, with one tree for each one of us. Thanks to this project, we pursue 10 out of 17 UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our forest is made of 13 tree species that respect biodiversity and the environment in Africa, a continent which we feel very close by thanks to different charity projects we are carrying on. Our trees are located in Kenya, Cameroon, Tanzania and Madagascar: four different countries to foster biodiversity and help more communities, while fighting climate change and helping out the planet.

Thanks to our Forest, Fincons contributes to the Ecosystem Restoration, this year’s theme of the World Environment Day. And trees are great at restoring ecosystems: they enrich local people’s diets with their fruits, they protect coastlines, they purify water, they absorb CO2 and they give shelter to insects and animals.

Our 1750 trees respect seasonality and biodiversity of the different regions and produce oxygen. They will allow us to save up to 486.000 kg of CO2 in the next 10 years. All the trees are planted and looked after by local farmers, so that we can directly support local communities that work and live off the land.

Every Fincons Group professional can choose their tree, give it a name and follow its whole life. They will get updates on the agroforestry projects in which every tree is involved and the stories behind the people that look after them.

To make the difference, one tree at a time.