Traent and Fincons: the new type of blockchain for manufacturing

Fincons is delighted to announce the brand-new partnership with Traent, the Italian tech startup founded in 2020, with over thirty collaborators and growing rapidly. Traent’s solution will be hosted in the Fincons Open Innovation Platform, the solution designed to support lean manufacturing processes using the most advanced enabling technologies for industry 5.0. Fincons will provide system integration for Traent’s solutions, ensuring strong industry know-how and offering support and assistance for one of the most pioneering blockchain solutions on the market.

Traent’s solution is based on an innovative network of hybrid functional blockchains that make the interactions between companies effective by providing a global infrastructure for the exchange of authentic and verifiable information. This new ecosystem for enterprises is completed by the first collaboration platform on blockchain; and by a customizable web3 media where companies can publish their selected data, making blockchain easily accessible by consumers and auditors. This solution allows the exchange of information entirely on blockchain, with no data volume limits, in real-time and at low cost. Information exchanged are immutable, traceable and verifiable, ensuring trust, transparency and discipline in interaction processes.

The web3 ecosystem solves more complex problems of manufacturing industries, such as supply chain control, property certification, interaction with retailers, suppliers and the wide range of collaborators and companies, tracking, certifying and publishing best practices but also publishing ESG reports, showing how the company's commitment is constant and results improve over time.

Thanks to the modular approach of the Fincons Open Innovation Platform, the adoption of the Traent’s web3 ecosystem is lean, modular, flexible and scalable. A partnership that marks a step change in the industry: from the adoption of systems with complex blockchain, requiring a total change of internal systems, a lot of time and highly skilled people in the company, to smart and modular integration, adaptable to customer needs.

“Traent will be an important added value in our Open Innovation Platform thanks to its disruptive innovation in blockchain segment”, states Lorenzo Macchi, Global BU Manufacturing General Manager at Fincons Group, “We are very happy to provide customers with a broad range of integrated and combinable services that can be easily implemented in the core system and main processes of the manufacturing industry”.

“We are really proud for the partnership with Fincons” maintains Federico d’Annunzio, Traent’s Founder, "We have spent more than two years and heavy investment to develop what we call the Web3 ecosystem, a new business solution for enterprises which are ready to change and open to innovation. With Fincons we will have the opportunity to rapidly deploy our technology and show the simple adoption of our solution.”