Willkommen Fincons.De

Fincons’ internationalization strategy has hit a new milestone.

After the recent openings in USA and UK, we are proud to announce the opening in Munich of Fincons.De GmbH, the new fully owned subsidiary of Fincons Group AG.


This opening comes after several years of experience of the Group in the German market, based on the long and fruitful relationship with companies such as Sky Deutschland, which has been Fincons' client for over 10 years, and the more recent collaboration with BurdaForward, an important German digital publishing company.
In addition to the media sector, the Group can also leverage many important German-speaking references, clients and partners in other target industries, such as financial services, transportation, manufacturing.

This important step in our internationalization path follows the success of our two latest openings: UK (London) in 2016 and USA (New York and Los Angeles) in 2017. Thanks to our internationally recognized skills and expertise, in these countries we stood out especially in the media sector, which is the industry that we are approaching as first also in Germany. Another focal point of our expansion strategy is the Group’s Delivery Center based in Bari. Our Smart-shore model is a valid alternative to the offshore one, and we think it can lead the way into a country that suffers from a lack of IT resources and services”, says our CEO Michele Moretti.

And it is indeed thanks to this important asset that BurdaForward chose us for the establishment of their software factory in Bari, using our Delivery Center as an incubator for the first steps of the opening process. Furthermore, it was very important for BurdaForward to rely on our territory knowledge and on our strong network, built over the years, with the local universities and authorities. With the Apulia Region, for example, we are involved in various research and innovation projects and investments in the territory business development”, concludes our Deputy CEO Francesco Moretti.

Success is a journey, not a destination!