Changing the world with IT


The growth of Fincons and its plans to continue to expand its business in the German market, along with the collaboration with BurdaForward, are featured on Wirtschaftsforum.

It takes a visionary to take a small company and turn it into a multinational corporation with 1,400 employees and an annual turnover of more than 130 million EUR - it is within this first sentence of the interview with Michele Moretti and Francesco Moretti, that the journalist has encapsulated the values and dedication which has led Fincons Group to become an international consulting company with a pioneering spirit and innovative flair.


An amazing growth, which is continuing: today Fincons is turning to Germany to continue to expand its business in different industries. From the transportation and financial services sectors up to the media industry, the Group leverages important references and clients to bring its expertise to the German market.

Moreover, Fincons has started to collaborate with an important German digital publishing company - BurdaForward - which sought Fincons’ support to establish its own software factory in Bari, using the Group’s Delivery Center as an incubator for the first steps of the process, thus becoming a best practice example for near-shore outsourcing activities.

Click here to read the article published in the Wirtschaftsforum website (in German language) or download the pdf below.