Fincons Group and The Associated Press: unbundling content for new products creation

Press release

After launching in January, AP’s new ‘product and price console’ rings in first results and reveals further potential.

Fincons Group continues to be The Associated Press’ choice as the new flexible distribution platform, the Product and Price Console (PPC) which launched at the start of the year, begins to provide results and shows additional scope for potential. The solution was developed specifically to respond to AP’s content distribution transformation objective of addressing evolving market demand with a more flexible pricing model. The requirement was to create a platform that
enabled AP’s sales teams to bundle or unbundle product, improve product definition, and define specific pricing tools to match different customer needs.

AP selected Fincons Group for this project because of its proven track‐record in the Media industry where they have delivered various high‐profile innovative projects. The solution was launched in January 2019 and initially tested on a limited client range. In July, the platform is already showing its potential and AP is considering extending the range it currently is applied to.


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